Refractive Errors of Eyes and How Can It Be Treated

We are aware that in order to see things clearly you need light. Refractive error is one of the reasons for most of the vision problems. Our eyes fail to refract and thus unable to focus on an object if there is no enough light in the retina of our eyes. The refractive disorder occurs when our eyeballs are either too long or too short, cornea may be irregularly shaped or lens of the eye is either too little or too much curved.

What are the symptoms

If you get refractive error problem then your vision will be blurred, which may either be for any close object or any distant object. This is the most common symptom. Besides that, you may also experience other symptoms such as:

  • Headache
  • Eye strain
  • Glare of halo around the light
  • Double vision

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Following are few different refractive eye conditions that I could be detected with after doing eye exam by an eye specialist.

  • Myopia

In such condition the patient can see the nearby object clearly however the distant objects get blurred. This can be corrected by using any concave lens or after doing surgery.

  • Hyperopia

Usually below the age of 40 years the patient is able to see clearly the distant objects, however he has problem in reading or seeing any close object. This kind of problem can be corrected by using convex lens.

  • Presbyopia

Due to aging our lens loses the ability to focus on nearby objects and fail to read small letters. This problem generally happens after the age of 40 and therefore a person with this problem will need reading glasses.

  • Astigmatism

If the cornea or lens of our eyes becomes irregular in shape our eyes cannot focus on any object. This can also be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.


Most of the refractive error problems that have been mentioned above can be corrected by using suitable eye glasses, using contact lenses or by undergoing refractive surgery. The eye glasses or contact lenses are determined by testing your eyes by any eye specialist. However, you must get your eyes checked after every year to check if there is any change in the condition of your eyes. If there is any change found then you need to change your eye glass or contact lenses. Contact lenses however may not suit many people under certain conditions.

With the help of refractive surgery, shape of cornea can be changed permanently. There are a number of different types of surgery that can be done based on the condition of the patient.

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