More money for Maven’s dream healthcare for working mothers

Maven, a New York based startup founded in 2014 by former New Yorker journalist Kate Ryder, announced, September 26, the completion of a series B funding round, led by Sequoia Capital and Oak HC/FT, which brought the company an additional $27 million.

The results of Maven’s latest funding round brings its total funding to $42 million, making Maven the world’s largest digital women’s and family provider network. Using its newly acquired funds, Maven will expand its “Family Benefits platform, to support more women in the workforce, more women in leadership positions, more diverse families, and more confident working parents,” Ryder says in her  blog article. “Today we’re launching our latest feature, breastmilk shipping, which is an important component of our return-to-work program as it equips working parents to travel.”

As the largest digital women’s and family health provider network, Maven includes highly-regarded specialists, from OB-GYNs to women’s health physical therapists to career coaches.

The aim is to provide rapid, on-demand access to healthcare, no matter where someone in need is or the hour they are demanding that help.  Maven is offering its B2B product for employers and health plans, but also Maven’s Family Benefits platform, which brings family planning into the 21st century for millions of working women and families, including diverse programs, for everything from adoption to IVF, maternity care and more.

Many healthcare startups were built on frustration their founders experienced when dealing with the healthcare system. Such was also the case with Maven, since founder Kate Ryder, now a  mother of two, did not feel the existing system was giving women too many options. So, she decided to change that.

“Maven has empowered me throughout my own two pregnancies in the last two years and I couldn’t imagine juggling being CEO and a mother without this support.”, she says.

Partnering financiers agree.

“Maven is offering services that are a win for working women, a win for their families, a win for employers and a win for the global economy,” said Nancy Brown, partner with Oak HC/FT. “By providing outstanding fertility, maternity and return-to-work support, Maven can help close the gap and encourage a more diverse workforce.”

Diversity can prove to be a game changer, as it comes with the combined force of different women and men, from various backgrounds and cultures, who work for the same goal. This can only encourage progress and change, which is what keeps any system alive -a wonderful ripple effect of the digital transformation of healthcare indeed.

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