How To Make Your Very Own Dry Herb Vaporizer At Home

You can always count on the internet to spawn all sorts of do-it-yourself guides for just about any task, from cleaning solutions to, you guessed it, even vaporizing cannabis. After all, what else is the internet for if not the free and open exchange of information across the world? This article’s here to tell you that, yes, it is possible to create a homemade dry herb vaporizer so that you can see if you even like vaping before spending any money on it. No, it is not optimal and certainly won’t yield the best tasting or highest quality vapor, it won’t even be close in comparison to a real vape. If you can tolerate the experience and see the appeal from a homemade vape though, then there’s pretty good odds that a real dry herb vaporizer would be a wise investment for you.

So How Do I Make One?


There’s a few different ways to do this honestly, and googling “how to make a cannabis vaporizer at home” will surely show you dozens of different methods that some creative people out there have invented. I’m going to share with you the simplest one that I found that requires the most basic supplies, but definitely feel free to look around for other people’s blueprints that might be better suited to what you’ve got lying around. Your supplies will include:

  • A small tea candle.
  • A very small box, hardly bigger than the tea candle but big enough to fit it inside.
  • A small metal tray that is wide enough to rest atop the open box, upon the edges of it.
  • A glass big enough to cover the metal tray.
  • A bendy straw or small rubber tube (will not be receiving any heat, don’t worry about the plastic).

  The process is quite simple. Light the candle and put it inside the box (carefully, don’t go starting any accidental fires) then place the small metal tray with a bit of dry herb on top of the box, over the flame of the candle. Make sure the box is big enough that the flame doesn’t directly touch the tray. You’ve probably guessed by now, but all that’s left is to place the glass above the tray and watch the vapor float up as the metal tray heats up, and in turn, the weed. Simply bend the straw and insert it underneath the glass, and sip away! You’ve now got a simple dry herb vaporizer at home.

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