Does coffee affect your health?

Its winter all around the world, other than tea, the most consumed beverage in these days is coffee, well, there is a fact that there is no better batch of music, books, winter and piano but, with coffee. The sweet bitter taste defines all and has a unique personality, even people who prefer coffee as a beverage are considered high profiled.

There are many researches and scholarly articles which are based on the relation of health with coffee, mostly we have heard that due to the reason of having caffeine in it, coffee is harmful for your health. But today let’s go for a new beginning, lets quit spoiling the charm of coffee in winter, yes, we are going to discuss some facts which will highlight the positive affects of coffee on your health. We assure you that after reading this you will be able to answer the question, that, does coffee affects your health?

Here we go, sharing some attributes of coffee, and its affect on human health, just have a look:

Safeguard from Parkinson disease

According to a research people who drink a lot of coffee, have less chances of the development of Parkinson disease in them, and this reduction of chances is eight times less than those who do not take much coffee.

Reduced risk of Alzheimer and dementia

If you have a habit of coffee in your forty and above then you must be glad to know that there is a possibility in the reduction of risk of Alzheimer and dementia.

Reduction in suicide risk

Those who have a habit of taking coffee are found more relaxed and happy, may be because caffeine helps you to boost up your mental health, these people are less likely to go towards the option of suicide.

Say no to cancer

As per the research findings, people who intake more amount of coffee reduces the risk of many types of cancer in their body, this is admitted by the NIH, national cancer institute, so if You are having much coffee then be happy to be with it.

Reduced risk of diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is very common nowadays, but those who intake coffee they are associated with the reduction of risk of having type 2 diabetes in their bodies.

Coffee and your physical health

Caffeine in coffee increases level of adrenaline in your blood which boosts your hormones and you feel much more energetic and read to do thing.

Weight loss

Over weight is becoming a very common factor, coffee has magnesium and potassium in it which reduces the starve of sweet intake in body and in this way, you can help yourself in losing weight.

Fights depression

Coffee is the most likely beverage which helps you in fighting with depression and boosts up your mental health, it gives you the feeling of relaxation and amazement.

Get it where?

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