Monthly Archives: October 2018

Interoperability within the healthcare system is a must, medical experts say

Among all the shortcomings of the healthcare system – insufficient funding, insufficient staff and poor access to care for some patient categories being only a few – the lack of interoperability within the system seems to create more difficulties than one could imagine.   In the 21st century, when digital transformation of the healthcare system is an ongoing process and ...

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California Rehab Center

People who are fighting hard with alcohol and drugs find it really difficult to cope up with the residing treatment in a rehab center in California. They have to deal with two important things. One, keeping oneself away from drugs or alcohol and the second, learning to abstaining from addictive components while living in an all together different atmosphere. Often ...

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More money for Maven’s dream healthcare for working mothers

Maven, a New York based startup founded in 2014 by former New Yorker journalist Kate Ryder, announced, September 26, the completion of a series B funding round, led by Sequoia Capital and Oak HC/FT, which brought the company an additional $27 million. The results of Maven’s latest funding round brings its total funding to $42 million, making Maven the world’s ...

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